Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Literary Salon

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’ve decided you should come to the first ever Publishing Genius Literary Salon. It’s on Thursday, May 22, and it starts at 7PM. It's at the 1818 Gallery and it’s Free.

When you’re there, you will hear these people do literate things in this order:

1. Michael Kimball, who wrote Dear Everybody as well as over twenty biographies once
2. Ric Royer, who did the greatest What Is It in Baltimore, according to the City Paper
3. Stephanie Barber, who just came back from showing films at the Portland Film Festival and sold many, many books
4. Chris Toll, whose book, Be Light, I read and re-read on purpose
5. Jen Michalski, who wrote Close Encounters and later directed the major motion picture starring Jack Kerouac
6. Joseph Young, who doesn’t take a lot of your time but takes a lot of your heart
7. Blake Butler, from Atlanta, GA, who just wrote a novel in ten days. Who does that not you not me, Blake Butler does who I said Blake Butler does
8. Dan Trask, from the Commonwealth of Massachussetts, who is touring 62 cities on the strength of his new novel, DMR and will sell it to your shelf

ALSO, I will play Verdi’s REQUIEM and Kathleen Ferrier sings Bach. I will play it quietly in the background during the literate things, and it should make it difficult for everyone to concentrate. Occasionally, you may change the volume up or down. I will limit my reflections on the personal printer. Are you allergic to cats? Then stay away from Ivan and Nelson!

Bring a sixer if you want. I know I will. Bring cash, too, because there will be tons of things you will want to buy and buy.



its going to be fun

i don't think i'll say boom

if you give me a laptop while im there ill type a comment somewhere

Adam R said...

Hey Blake, it'll be great either way, but still maybe you will say it when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I get paid on Thursdays. If I go to this thing, I will probably lose a lot of dough. I like bringing my own beer to things, though. Since this is a salon, should I bring shears and a blow dryer?

--Pat King

Adam R said...

Hey Pat,

I'll make deals for butchers who lose dough. Hope you can make it.


Michael Kimball said...

Looking forward to it and love the bios.

Did you leave Andy Devine off on purpose? Was that some kind of an uninvite?

Are you listening to Bon Iver right now? I am.

Mike Young said...

Looks terrific, but I don't have the $$ for a bus ticket to Baltimore. =( Knock em dead y'all.

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