Friday, August 08, 2008


I have chapped lips in the summer.

Here I am at lunch today. Which one am I?

The first two pages of The Woman Down the Hall, Lily Hoang's eBook at Blake Butler's Lamination Colony, features the two best color-ish-nesses in succession. I am not just saying that because Blake called me "one of the most entertaining people on the lit web," either, but before he said that I could not have imagined the glory imparted by such a pronouncement.

I haven't finished reading the story yet (the words that make up the story, I mean), but something interesting happens while I try. It's this: I sort of hear the voice of a narrator in my head. I went through the first few sections and had an eerie feeling, and then I realized it was the older man's voice who was there in my head and also reading the book. When we finish reading it, I hope we have an edifying discussion.

Read the interview with Zachary German. My man's for real.


Adam R. said...

Hey, there's a picture of me in the picture of me.



there is a picture of you in the picture of you in the picture of you also, i can sniff it

ryan call said...

my lips are chapped also

im being serious

Adam R. said...

My mom gave me Campho-Phenique for my lips. It's awesome. It burns them off and replaces them with new Cindy Crawford lips.

Sloth said...

I'm also rading Hoang and looking forward to reviews.

Is that guy holding a robot?

Adam R. said...

That's not a robot, it's a weird weird sword!

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