Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I did it. It was hard. I went camping and then I came back. Then I had some difficulty getting the Internet set up at my new place but a guy with a bucket filled with tools took care of that while I stood by thinking: lunch. I cut out breakfast years ago and now I'm cutting out lunch. Some people don't sleep. I don't eat. Is that somehow good? No, but tonight the raw-foodists in my life are doing it up Mexican for me. That will be a lot like eating.

Bucket full of tools being what I should have written.

Tao Lin, selling shares of his next novel: weird! I like it. It's not as pithy as the Britney Spears campaign, but it's also not as sticky.

While I did driving to the camping I listened to a Lee Child novel called Bad Luck and Trouble. It's a Jack Reacher story. Jack Reacher assembles his old Military Police team to catch a weapons thief, I can't remember exactly what. I forgot because while I was camping I read a Lee Child novel called Persuader. It's a Jack Reacher story in which he catches a weapons dealer. It kind of blurs with the Lee Child novel I listened to while driving to home from the camping, Without Fail, in which Jack Reacher does something. Shoot, I could think about it for a while and tell you more info, but these are novels that were so good I just want to forget them. I hope they make Jack Reacher movies soon. Jack Reacher could smite Jack Bauer.

I bought, read, and liked Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. I hope to read the remainder of Tao Lin's books. He bought a copy of Blake Butler's PDF Chapbook and gave even a little more than was required.

I think I like publishing things better than anything else. Light Boxes will have art by an artist who does this thing I've been wanting to do with pictures since I first saw this drawing of Samuel Beckett. Oh. I can't find the picture with a quick Google search. But it's the one, you know, sort of a line-drawing portrait in which many of the lines fade away and it's just a suggestion of Samuel Beckett in the same way that Breath is a suggestion of a play. I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I need to betterify certain things, I know. I had these two zits on my lip right next to each other. They're finally going away and now I have a cold sore or something coming in. I'm doomed.

I read this story by Clancy Martin in NOON called "This Is How I Got My Start In the Jewelry Business." It's really fantastic. I hope Clancy Martin will send something for me to publish please.

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the next night we ate whale

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