Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some things that rule UPDATE: Post practically deleted

Things that rule forthcoming.


P. H. M. said...

tell us how you really feel

Molly Gaudry said...

So cryptic. Out with it! Who?

(Erm. If me, keep it to yourself please and thank you.)

Adam R. said...

No, no it's not you!


i can name that tune in 6 letters

Adam R. said...

'You win.'

P. H. M. said...

Thank god. I seriously thought it was me. And Molly Gaudry thought it was her. Ha. We're all just paranoid and stuff. 'That tune' probably doesn't care. That's the best part. You're right: it was probably better to delete it. The original "winner" announcement for my blog contest was pretty full of hate.

krammer abrahams said...

oh fuck you guys
six letters?


thanks a lot
my eyes hurt
I'm going to go hang out with an old man named sheldon
i don't even know what i did wrong

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