Friday, May 01, 2009

A Jello Horse: Bonus Package

One person has ordered the Bonus Package for A Jello Horse. Here is what she will receive:

A Jello Horse in a special envelope
The first draft manuscript of A Jello Horse which was submitted to PGP, with my editorial comments and "Tracked Changes"
Christopher Higgs's story Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously from This PDF Chapbook
A tee shirt iron-on related to the book (will it be a pinball machine? A jackalope? A phone?)
And also Typewriter, by Jimmy Chen, from Magic Helicopter Press

The deal is still open. For the most part, this is what the bonus package will consist of -- just the extra small press book will be different each time (probably).

Did you people read Matthew's story, "Underlings: a rebuke" in elimae? Freakin' wow.


Jimmy Chen said...

thanks adam for including my chap!

christopher higgs said...

I second Jimmy with the thanks.

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