Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Jello Horse on Goodreads

Matthew Simmons originally sent his manuscript of A Jello Horse for consideration in This PDF Chapbook. At first read I was skeptical; it took me a couple tries to get through the strange opening paragraphs. (When facing a deep submissions pile, I tend to skim through several different manuscripts until one grabs me.)

When I finally got past those initial paragraphs, during which a lion crashed through my house and I took hold of his thick fur and was lifted out through the roof, I quickly caught on to the emotional complexity of what Matthew had written. I read it at work. At one point I felt a little bit like crying.

So I told Matthew I loved the story but it was too long to run in This PDF Chapbook. I wanted to figure something out. That is when I decided I could afford to print 4-5 short books a year, and Matt's book could work for that.

So we did it, and now it's done. I have received the printed book and for pre-orderers, your copy will mail this week.

Give it an add.
Give it a win.
Give it a buy.
Give it a listen to.


BlogSloth said...

Hell yes, I'll buy. Your word has led me to good buys before.


Josh Maday said...

Gimme gimme gimme. I'm ordering now, see.

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