Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dear Blog

Would it be funny if I called myself "Daddy" to my blog?

Like, "Dear Blog, Daddy misses you but he's been very busy at work."

Some cool things are happening. Matthew Simmons's book, A JELLO HORSE, is about sold out. You can still get a copy if you act fast: ORDER HERE.

Some movie people are trying to decide to make LIGHT BOXES: THE FILM. Some German people are talking about making LIGHT BOXES: THE GERMAN BOOK. Some Slavs are like, LIGHT BOXES: THE EXCERPT IN CROATIAN.

Daddy thinks that's such good news.

Jamie plays bass in my band, Baby Wolf Sweatpants. His daughter played drums and sang with us at practice yesterday. It was awesome. I want a 7-yr-old in the band. She nails all the turns.

I think our music is pretty traditional rock, but I'm not sure. We're playing at The Black Hole on Saturday. That ain't your traditional rock club; check out the bartendars (sic) there. WTF?

MLKNG SCKLS is in the binding stage at the printers. I'm hoping to see them on Friday or Saturday, and mailing out copies to the pre-ordering people. PRE-ORDER HERE.

I'm going to have three poems in OCHO, thanks to Blake Butler. I wonder how that contest he's running is going.

Dear Blog, Daddy loves you.


Tim Jones-Yelvington said...

I think if I were your blog it would turn me on.

Justin Sirois said...

I can’t wait to see Sweatpants spinning into the Black Hole on Saturday June 6th at midnight. I might find a wife there, in that blackness. Or I might just get some jalapeƱo poppers and a giant cherry Coke.

Remember that Disney movie? THE BLACK HOLE? Some creep of a teacher played it for us in Elementary school, maybe in 3-4 grade. Kids cried out when that robot with the helicopter blade-like hands chopped up that astronaut’s stomach.


Did he try to block the robot’s blades with a book?
Metaphors suck most of the time, huh?

bender said...

ewww, daddy. mommy still needs a copy of light boxes. mommy will bring money with her tonight for a jello horse, and also a jello horse the book.

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