Monday, June 15, 2009


To everyone who came to the Genius Party, or thought about it: thank you.

I was so happy about everything that happened there, like Stephanie's deejaying and Joe's, and the exquisite corpse game and Shane and Jen's reading, and Justin's non reading drawings, and Dave's tight drum solo and Randy's flabbergasting magic tricks. And Michael's blackjack even though the house took a loss. And everything, like Sasha doing the thing with the paper.

It was pretty great at the end when Stephanie played all the songs really fast.

Yeah, thanks a lot you people.


sasha fletcher said...

and the brunch
oh the brunch
also the degenerette's show.
which was not technically part of the genius party, but it was part of the night, which was genius. as was the brunch.

Justin Sirois said...

Yeah, the brunch was so good someone forgot I drew twenty something portraits.

Adam R. said...

Whaddaya mean? That's there.

Justin Sirois said...

oh yeah.

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