Monday, July 06, 2009

This PDF Chapbook: Matthew Salesses

I'm pleased to introduce We Will Take What We Can Get by Matthew Salesses. It is a funny and personal story about a man’s relationship with his fiancée and with his writing.

Salesses calls this “up-to-the-minute nonfiction.”

Told in 65 short sections, the story is about the writing of a story about a spate of bad luck, and how the writing plays a role and helps the writer adjust.

Salesses’s work is published in Glimmer Train, Hobart and many other journals. He is the fiction editor for Redivider.

Read it and print it at


BlogSloth said...

Now if I read and enjoy this and don't pay, should I feel badly? Man, technology is freaking me out.


Adam R. said...

Heck no! I much prefer people read and enjoy it and print it themselves than order one and pay $4. I get all stressed about whether I'll have enough ink and if my endpaper is cool enough.

Adam R. said...

Thanks for asking.

Matthew Salesses said...


Kate said...

sad, honest, awesome, beautiful.

Adam R. said...

Isn't it though?

Anonymous said...


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