Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Andy Devine's WORDS via David McClendon at EWN (also, Matt Bell Week)

Today at the Emerging Writers Network, Dan Wickett talks with David McClendon about Andy Devine.  McClendon edits Unsaid, which is devoted to publishing really good, really fresh writing in a thick journal. Its publication is always an event, so it is rewarding to hear him praise Words, saying the book is like Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons. McLendon read Words straight through and describes a unique experience with the book, saying, "One enters a place from inside language that is both incantatory and oddly pragmatic. The repetitions found in Devine’s fictions build and grow over his pages and are pushed onward by a series of thoughtful cadences that strengthen both the magic and meaning of each sound." McClendon's explication of the book is remarkably kind and helpful in its clear description of what Andy Devine does, and how. Check it out, and check out Words, too.

In other nice attention news, Matt Bell's project at Everyday Genius has been written up at MediaBistro and Bud Parr's "Age of Sand." Read Matt's story in its current incarnation here at Everyday Genius, and click here tonight at 9 to watch Michael Kimball work on what Matt's got going so far. Here's the rest of the schedule:

Tuesday, 9pm EST: Michael Kimball works the story.
Wednesday, 1pm EST: Lily Hoang works the story.
Thursday, 9am - 9pm EST: The story is open to all comers. Get into the ether and enact your will.
Friday: Matt makes his final changes and completes the story.

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