Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Post About Everyday Genius and a book giveaway

Today at Everyday Genius, editor Luke Goebel is presenting a selection from Firework by Eugene Marten. It's a cool book, and I have an extra copy, so tomorrow I'm going to start a giveaway contest for it at this blog. Check back for details on how to win.

A big hearty Everyday Genius thank you to Luke Goebel for putting together another excellent month of the magazine. His tenure won some great praise from PANK's blog. Everyday something new to look forward to. He's going to wrap things up on Monday and Tuesday, but who knows how? What's next?

Next after August is September, and Phu Pham is planning to change things up a bit by presenting not just writing, but fascinating, overlooked web curios. Phu Pham is a book artist and also other kinds of artist who lives in Baltimore.

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