Monday, August 02, 2010

Everyday Genius, JMWW Reviews Mike Young, Bookslut Interviews Me, Stephanie Barber, MFSFO, AMP/Timothy Willis Sanders

If I were a more consistent blogger, this post wouldn't have to be so long. But a lot is going on.

First of all, Kate Zambreno's month at Everyday Genius wrapped up this weekend. She put together a fantastic and diverse list of writing. There is enough in there to mull over for a long time; it could make for a year's worth of reading. She basically made a desert island website -- if I could only bring three online journals when I get marooned, this would be one of them. Normally I like to link to a few pieces that I liked best, but in her month, I think everything stands out. Check it out at (Okay, dang, here are a few fave faves from a month of faves: Rebecca Loudon, Caroline Picard, Vanessa Place, Roz Ito.)

Now Luke Goebel has taken over the helm. I met Luke at a meeting with some other presses at AWP when we were discussing a buying group with a printer. Later, at a conference at UMass Amherst, I was tired at a bar, falling asleep, and Luke was like "what would help you wake up" and I was like "do you want to go stand up over there" and we did and it was nice talking to him. He works as an editor for NY Tyrant.

So that's the that for Everyday Genius for now.

At JMWW, fresh today, there is a review of Mike Young's immanent book, We Are All Good if They Try Hard Enough. Patrick Trotti writes:
If the barometer of a great poet is his ability to create an alternate reality so true that the reader is transported there upon opening the book than Young is a top-notch wordsmith with a bright future.
Thank Patrick. Thanks JMWW. JMWW's blog is a powerhouse these last few months, with so much amazing content

I'm reopening pre-orders now for Mike's book, since it should be back from the printer in less than a month. Go here, and you can even order it now with Mike's fiction collection and get a discount. Thanks to Jackie Corley at Word Riot for going in on this deal.

Blake Butler interviewed me for Bookslut. You can read it. Thanks Blake.

Reports from Stephanie Barber's shows at Anthology Film Archives are good -- at least in terms of pre-orders. Lots of people must have liked the films because there was an influx of orders from the website that night. I picture people rushing home after the screening to get their order in.

This is an amazing article on her work, and this other good one is in Artforum.

The book should be shipping by next week. Pre-order it now and save $6.

Sweatpants played a couple shows this weekend with the Tucson, AZ band Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout. Wow, they are good. The bass player played bass and keyboard simultaneously. The guitar player is ferocious. At our show in Doylestown, PA, the singer almost got into a fight with a guy he later referred to as his "inbred cousin" -- through the mic. I'd say "from the stage" but he didn't really spend any time on the stage. He performed much of the show while sitting at the bar. They are lots of fun and frenetic and if they're coming to your town, definitely go. Here they are in your computer:

Here is some news about Awesome Machine.

Awesome Machine Press announces the release of Orange Juice and Other Stories by Timothy Willis Sanders. This is his first book. It's a collection of short shorts and short stories. Timothy Willis Sanders (b. 1980) lives in Austin, TX. He is or has been an assistant editor at American Short Fiction and his work has appeared in Nano Fiction.

[More Info on the book]
(More info on the press is here and also coming in another post)

Ethel Rohan, who herself now has a book to get excited for, interviewed Michael Kimball at Dark Sky Magazine.

I don't feel like this post scratches the surface of what I want to talk about, but I'm stopping now. There's got to be something for everybody here.

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