Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I'm Teaching a Class You Can Take It

  • It costs $100ish and there are four sessions.
  • I'm going to give away Publishing Genius books at it.
  • It's at the Creative Alliance, in Baltimore.
  • Joe Young, co-teacher.
  • It's about finding the story on a grocery store receipt, and telling it there, too.
  • I will be providing extensive feedback on assignments and Joe too and Joe and I will probably argue several times.
  • I think I will think of myself less as teacher and more as facilitator.
  • Though I am fairly certain I will suggest some new things.
  • "Experimental writing" is not a good term, because all writing is experimental. It should be called "fun writing."
  • The class will also focus on getting your work published. 
  • Register here, at the Creative Alliance website.
  • Email me with your questions here: adam at publishinggenius dot com.
Here's the straight dope from the Creative Alliance.

EXPERIMENTAL WRITING: The Craft and the Market - 4 Thursdays: June 9-30

Adam Robinson and Joe Young Instructors: Isn't all writing experimental? Explore recent literary breakthroughs and consider how these techniques can be adapted to your own writing. 

We start with the belief that what is of primary importance to the craft of writing is an honest voice. Then, with readings and exercises, you’ll be exposed to new dimensions and directions for your work. Short readings include: Kathy Acker, Samuel Beckett, Rachel B. Glaser, Ernest Hemingway, and Vanessa Place. By the end you’ll have completed a manuscript and learned about places to submit it. Instructors Joe Young and Adam Robinson are both published innovators as well as publishers working in the field of genre-breaking literature. 7-9:30pm. Adv reg $100, $90 mbrs. Walk-in $110, $100 mbrs.

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Penne Bioletti said...

If I were in Baltimore, I would absolutely do it. Even though I hate class, I misbehave and cause inappropriate interruptions, like to be the class clown a lot and am always hated by teachers.

Aren't you glad I don't live in Baltimore?

Ricky Garni

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