Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pre-Order A Jello Horse (or Win It)

Matthew Simmons's book, A Jello Horse will be shipping at the middle/end of May. It will be 76 pages long, including the cover. Of the book, which is a novella, the great Michael Kimball said:
“Matthew Simmons has found a beautiful and extraordinary way to tell a story about the sweetness of sadness and the aloneness of loneliness.”

and the revered Leni Zumas said, nicely, that:
"A Jello Horse does not tell us what we already know; it shows us, instead, some things we don't. Such as the House of 2000 Telephones -- and how a boy can be swallowed by a giant desert tortoise -- and how a boy can cause cancer in a girl. Matthew Simmons writes deft, bracing sentences that stay in the ear. We are lucky to listen."

You can preorder the book here -- it costs $8, shipping included if you buy it from the website now.

Shipping Location

If you buy it in stores later or something it will cost $600. You can have the book tattooed onto your body for probably $15,000.

Additionally, Matthew Simmons is having a contest to win a limited edition hardcover edition of the book (A Jello Horse LE). Here are the details -- basically you have to create some sort of image of yourself playing pinball, I'm thinking about doing it with Google Earth. I am currently in the design phase. You can also win a copy by singing a song. Read Matthew's awesome blog to get all the required info, whaddaya say, huh.

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