Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stephanie Barber in City Paper

There's nice press on Stephanie Barber's book in this week's City Paper. Bret McCabe's article says
These Here Separated to See How They Standing Alone is her new book, just issued on local poet/performer Adam Robinson's Publishing Genius press, and it is both the printed text of her shorts' narration and another ripple to Barber's works in and of itself. On the one hand, you can follow along with the film's narration in the book--which comes with a DVD containing the six shorts covered in it--but divorced from their visual counterparts and the often distorted vocalizations, they become their own little catalysts to imagined headspaces. And seeing only the words on the page reminds you just how powerful a spell her often simple and still images cast over viewers.
I'm happy to see the book's title understood like this. The article references her work a lot, sort of more than is typically seen in alt-weekly arts writing, and I'm happy, happy, delighted.

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BlogSloth said...

Congrats to your press on the + review.


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