Friday, August 15, 2008


Mariah Carey's performance of "Without You" is the best. (It can't be embedded, so here's the link.)

It's effortless and, even when she belts it out, it's so much more subdued than Kelly Clarkson's laughable rendition, which is overblown by her vocal effects. It's impossible to tell if Kelly Clarkson has a nice voice.

This one by Air Supply is nice, especially when his voice changes at the chorus. Also, the guitar solo is a textbook example of soft rock virtuosity.

Harry Nillson's version is arguably more effortless than Mariah Carey's, with as much grit and maybe even a more foreboding build up into the first chorus, but he can't match the raw power in Carey's climax.

Badfinger, who apparently wrote the song, can absolutely claim the coolest performance. I like their clipped pronunciation of "live" when they sing "I can't live." It's a smart staccato.

Ultimately, Mariah Carey is too slick for me to really get into her music. I feel like I could be a fan though. I wish Butch Vig would produce a record for her, or maybe the Mountain Goats guy. I originally thought Steve Albini, of course, but he's too perfect, too.

Right now I'd really like to listen to a Mariah Carey album that features Mission of Burma as her backing band.


The Coach said...

My goodness that original version by Badfinger is great - you are spot on about their "clipped" delivery.

Adam R. said...

Hey Coach, how's the season! You'll be glad to know I've been drafted for a social league football team.

Adam R. said...

The Badfinger version allows "without you" to be a song and not just a vehicle for showing off.

BlogSloth said...

If Carey ever got into drugs, then out of them, then back in, then out, and did Vegas--THEN sang. She would kick dino-ass.

J Bienko said...

Nobody's got nothin on Clarksons respect.

Slimmed down, effortless, smooth.

Publishing Genius is amazing. Sheesh! You're making it happen. This is seriously awesome!

Kathryn said...

mariah carey is the greatest singer of our time.

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